Best Bostitch Stapler Reviews (2019): Our Brand Favorites

Today Bostitch is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of staple guns.

Not only do they produce high-quality office supplies, but contractors, do-it-yourselfers and others involved in construction can also benefit from their powerful electrical, manual and pneumatic staplers.

This global manufacturer is one of the most popular brands, and these comments about Bostitch staplers will show you why your first thought for this stapler should be this brand.

Are you in a hurry?
Our test winner for the best office stapler:

Bostitch Epic Antimicrobial Stapler Antimicrobial All-Metal Stapler

Bostitch Epic All Metal Antimicrobial Crosslinking Agent

Our rating is


What kind of stapler do you need today? Chances are Bostitch is the perfect model for you.

The table below will help you find the best stapler for that brand in the category you need.

What do our exams say?

Bostitch Auto 180 Xtreme Duty Automatic Stapler

#1. Our best selection in total

Bostitch Auto 180 Xtreme DutyAutomatic Stapler

Our rating is


When working with a stapler in difficult conditions, it is usually necessary to push thick documents to avoid pinching the points that can suddenly pierce your finger.

Does this stapler leave thorns on thin documents? We haven’t noticed.

The legs are not returned by the document because the paperclips are cut to the right size.

The clip of a paperclip is a bit different from a normal paperclip, but that’s really the only problem.

The functions integrated in this tool will help you to work productively…

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Bostitch Impulse 45 Electric Blade Stapler - Heavy Duty Dual Version

#2. Our best choice for beginners

Staple pulse 45 No fault Electrical stapler

Our rating is


You know when to give that stapler more staples. Although there is no input window where users can follow the use of the staples, there is an input light signal that lets you know when you need more staples.

It is also equipped with a button drawer for reloading paper clips that look like a CD-ROM drive on a computer tower.

The tray comes out, you staple it up and you close it. It’s as simple as that.

Thanks to the magnetic holder built into this model, you can even keep your paper clips and staples next to the stapler for easy access to office supplies.

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Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic stapler

#3. Second place

Bostitch MIIIFSPneumatic stapler

Our rating is


This is the best floor stapler you can find on the market today. It provides fast stapling of the malt, ideal for hardwood floors from 0.5 to 0.75 inches thick.

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The aluminium housing, made of aircraft alloy, can withstand the toughest working conditions.

The design also features special ergonomics to make you feel comfortable at work and keep your staples as flat as possible.

This stapler is built to last and comes with a 7 year warranty to protect your purchase.

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Ergonomic stapler for Bostitch office systems 20 sheets

#4. Second place

Ergonomic stapler for Bostitch Desktop Systems


If you need a reliable stapler for your office, it won’t go wrong with this model from Bostitch.

It’s comfortable and durable, but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. It has a capacity of 20 sheets for standard office tasks and can be configured for standard or temporary stapling.

You can even open it to sew it onto the bulletin board. All these goodies are now available online for less than $10 – try it and you’ll see that this stapler is built to last.

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Bostitch Epic Antimicrobial Stapler Antimicrobial All-Metal Stapler

#5. Second place

Bostitch Epic All Metal Antimicrobial Crosslinking Agent

Our rating is


Can a stapler be epic? The red Swingline stapler is often regarded as the most epic tool in the industry, but this Bostitch version can easily convince you.

It can be opened 180 degrees and even has a built-in staple remover. There is also a hidden storage compartment so you can keep spare media ready for use.

The injection-moulded construction gives this tool an extremely stable appearance and makes it possible to sew up to 25 arcs at the same time.

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Why should I choose Bostitch for my next stapler?

Bostitch has brought two popular brands under one roof: Black and Decker and Stanley. That’s why you sometimes see this brand called Stanley Bostitch or Stanley Black & Decker when you look at the online product list. Thanks to innovative fastening tools, the highest quality production process, and a wide range of products, you’ll find that virtually every Bostitch tool is suitable for improving your home, business, construction, or industrial needs.

What increases the production value of a Bostitch stapler? It starts with the way their tools are assembled. Many of the products on offer are the first in the industry: from cardboard staplers to other office staplers – innovation is at the heart of the brand. They say it directly on their website: They deserve better.

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Conditions for using Bostitchstaplers .

In the overviews of Bostitch staplers you will find some terms that reflect the industry jargon used. Here is a short list of different business terms that can be used to better understand the different overviews.

BCS: These are heavy staples from Bostitch, which have been on the market for over 60 years.

Coverage: This polymer coating, exclusive to Bostitch tools, acts as a staple lubricant, increasing holding power.

Crown: It’s the distance from one leg of the paperclip to the other.

Double shot: This happens when two staples are released with a Bostitch stapler, but only one seems to come loose.

Magazine: The staplers are stored here. The new Bostitch magazines are called breathable because they automatically remove jammed paper clips.

Step: This is the part of the paper clip that goes into the binding.

Paragraph: It’s the sharp end of a staple.

Version: This equipment is activated to start stapling. Some have an actual shutter button that needs to be pressed, while others are activated by pressing the tip of the camera.

Advantages of the Bostitchstapler

Bostitch has developed staplers with minimal maintenance costs. Some of their products are up to 30 pieces smaller than competing brands. This means that you can save money because the total yield is lower.

You will also notice that Bostitch has produced magnesium enclosures for a number of its staplers. This offers users greater durability without the need for heavy, bulky tools. The staplers of this brand are also surprisingly quiet, so even with hearing protection you won’t get a ringing sound in your ears when you’re done with your project.

Bostitch has also created a number of innovations with its tools that allow you to work faster and more efficiently, whether stapling pulp on the roof or installing kitchen furniture. These tools have a so-called marble-free tip, which helps protect the working surface from scratches and dents. The magnetic magazine holds the staples in place for faster loading, and some models even offer depth adjustment, so you can make adjustments while working.

Common problems with Bostitch staplersFirmware

Bostitch plugs are very durable, but over time they face a number of common maintenance problems. The main problem is the normal wear and tear of the rubber parts during use. This is particularly the case when large quantities are enjoyed. Regular maintenance to replace O-rings and drain valves can solve up to 90% of the maintenance problems that occur when using Bostitch staplers.

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Some electric and pneumatic staplers of this brand also need constant lubrication for proper operation. You should check the fluids regularly and, if necessary, apply oils and other lubricants to prevent premature failure. However, some products are designed to be oil-free, so read the entire manual. Note:If the Bostitich stapler is not properly lubricated, the warranty may be void.

There are also general workplace hazards that can affect your new tool. Dirt, dust and other deposits can get into the stapler and cause it to malfunction. Although usually only the cleaning of the device is required, it can sometimes be a tedious routine job. If your stapler or compressor is equipped with an air filter, check it regularly to avoid premature failure.

What are the prices of Bostitch staplers today?

The prices for Bostitch staplers are generally in the medium to high load range, with some in the high price range. For standard use in the office or at home, the Bostitch stapler is often available in a range of $45 to $80. Some electrical models cost between $100 and $200, depending on the capabilities of the tool.

Pneumatic models are slightly cheaper than electric models, but require a compressor. So don’t forget that when you buy a new Bostitch stapler.

The best reviews about the Bostitch stapler will help you find the perfect product for the right price. Find yours today and make stapling fun again.

No wonder the Bostitch stapler is at the top of the list in our review of the best heavy duty staplers.



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