Best Heavy-Duty Staple Gun Reviews (2019): Our Strongest Tool Picks

Simple guns can help you stick paper to the wall or do crafts.

Others are designed for heavy draught horses that can help you build, repair and transform your house and home.

The best reviews about a heavy main gun will help you find the perfect tool to easily get through your roof, fence or other household chores.

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Our test winner after more than 35 hours of research:

Duo Fast CS5000 Compression Amplifier

Duo High Speed Compression Amplifier CS5000

Our rating is


Some basic guns are built like animals.

Others say they are heavy, but the way they do it is more like a weak wailing.

The table below will help you to easily separate applicants from applicants.

What do our exams say?

Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

#1. Our best selection in total

Roberts 10-600 120V 15 Amp Pro Electric stapler

Our rating is


Driving this 1500 watt electric stapler means you have a solid installation experience with every staple.

The heat-treated hammer mechanism is relatively robust and the magazine can hold up to 85 staples at a time.

The 12-foot power cord is long enough and the handle is ergonomically shaped to prevent hand fatigue.

An additional advantage is that you can use this electric stapler from different angles thanks to its compact size.

This limits the amount of manual sewing and hammering, making it an excellent tool for people of almost any age.

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Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus High Performance Stapler

#2. Our best choice for beginners

Our rating is


Every manual staple gun has certain limitations. TR250 does not adhere well to metal, concrete and some hardwoods.

It can help you to quickly pick up items from hard-to-reach places where other big guns can’t reach.

Think of the insulation on the inside of the wall or the wallpaper on the roof and you have an idea of what this stapling gun can do.

Ordinary staples sold to the units that received them have also been burned, but they also tend to get stuck.

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Duo Fast CS5000 Compression Amplifier

#3. Second place

Duo High Speed Compression Amplifier CS5000

Our rating is


This powerful stapler provides users with affordable access to an industrial power tool.

You get a fully adjustable power setting that allows you to control more media on the ground, reducing the need for interference on almost every project.

In case of clogging, they can be cleaned quickly and without tools.

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The all-steel construction allows this tool to be taken anywhere and can easily survive a fall from a three-storey building.

It is one of the best staplers currently available on the market.

Our practical guide to the best heavy duty stapler contains other interesting products like this one.

BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Power Tucker

#4. Second place

Bostitch T6-8 Heavy Duty Stapler

Our rating is


This powerful stacker provides users with one of the simplest presses in the industry today.

Bostitch even has a patent on the unlocking mechanism because of the ease of use of this tool.

Almost anyone can ride with a paper clip, thanks to the power and smooth design of this tool.

Made of cast aluminium and with a cast rubber handle that prevents your hand from slipping, this is a classic stapler gun, but with a strong curvature that you will appreciate.

It’s the only main weapon you’ll regret one day if you don’t buy it.

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Arrow T50PBN Pro staple gun

#5. Second place

Arrow T50PBN ProStapling Gun

Our rating is


This professional kit offers you a high quality stapling gun and an extendable tripod that gives your work an extra degree of flexibility.

It checks nails, braids and paper clips quickly and securely so you always look professional.

This design also helps to prevent marriages and scratches caused by other staple guns in your workplace.

With this product you will find fewer curved staples, a precise finish and a gun with staples that last longer if you add this gun to your toolbox.

We also looked at the best electric staplers, so take a look.

What is a high performance stapler and why do I need it?

The heavy stapler gun can handle larger and bold tasks. It’s really as simple as that. These main guns are built like tanks. The best ones have a corrosion resistant housing that makes it possible to remove them from the outside without any worries. You could really repair a fence that’s submerged in water with the right repair gun built like this.

However, for the biggest challenges a powerful and robust tacker is the best solution for your project. These staples can be configured for different types of staples. Some can even shoot nails and braids if you need them. The end result: Your fence is being repaired. Your roof will be installed. Your project will be completed in a short time and with little effort on your part.

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The key to the best performance is the way the staples work in the materials to be joined. Heavy staple guns must have a sufficiently strong trigger, which requires pressure to insert a paperclip, but they do not have a trigger that is so hairy that you accidentally pull the paperclips in your tree across the yard. Manual staple guns of this type must have a handle made of the same materials as the body, with some ergonomic elements in the design to make the depressing task relatively easy.

Advantages of a good and high quality stapling gun

There are three different advantages to owning one of the best heavy base guns available on the market today.

  • They fit easily. The variety of this heavy tool can be used almost anywhere and makes it possible to sew almost anything. Some models may require a power supply or air compressor, but the end result will always be a project completed in less time.
  • They are very affordable. You will find many heavy duty models that only owe 10 to 30% more than their normal counterparts. So today you can find a durable stapler gun without exceeding your budget. In return, it gives you decades of life if you’re well taken care of.
  • They can be used by anyone. The heavy models are slightly heavier than the standard models, but the difference is small. If you can easily carry a normal stapler gun with you, you won’t have a problem with a heavy stapler gun.

To be able to use these three key points, you need to have access to the best basic heavy weapons ratings available on the internet today. What you will find here is real feedback from real people with experience in purchasing. We look at the reliability of each brand and model, the ease of use and the success of each staple gun at work.

Advantages of the right high strength gun and common problems

The advantage of having the best heavy main gun is obvious: You save time on your project and it saves you money. Many tools in this category will already pay for themselves in one or two projects. If you work professionally with these tools, you can increase the total hourly rate because your work is done faster and with a higher overall quality.

That doesn’t mean life is perfect if you have a powerful gun. Sometimes they can get stuck, costing you time and money. In some cases, you may need tools to remove a jammed paper clip. Depending on the make and model of the staple gun used, this may mean that you have to take the tool to be repaired with you, even if it is under warranty, as most warranties cover defects in workmanship and materials – and are not excluded by the user.

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The strength is also a problem for some big guns. You need an extension with a commercial degree or an extension with sufficient arm strength to get the right result. This information is not always available and the end result may therefore be less effective. The strength is particularly critical with long extension cables, because a lower power level can cause the unit to run out of power.

What are the prices of the heavy staple guns?

How affordable is a modern high-performance stapler? High-end models with manual operation and entry-level power supplies are available for $50. If you need an all-in-one tool to do your carpentry, build a ladder, repair the fence and repair the roof, you will find a good price for $150-250.

In this category, the highest price is between 350 and 400 dollars. Heavy staple guns at this price are commercially available, have a comprehensive warranty and safety features to prevent accidental firing.

The best reviews on heavy staple guns today give you a great tool at a great price. If you’re ready to take responsibility for your projects, wherever they are, here are the tools that will help you reduce your time.

Find your favorite product today and you’ll be amazed at how productive you really can be.

If you think that a heavy main gun is not suitable for your project, consider this:

  • Electric stapler gun.
  • Portable stapler gun.
  • Air cannon.

Each of them has its pros and cons, but I’m sure you’ll find the right weapon for you in the three places mentioned.



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