Best Heavy – Duty Stapler Reviews (2020): Our Serious Office Picks

Sometimes you just need a few more staples than you do now. Maybe it’s because your document’s too thick.

Maybe paperclips aren’t enough.

Maybe you just don’t have the strength to go through over 150 sheets of paper to bind them properly.

Anyway, if you need more staplers than you currently have, you are ready to receive the best ratings on high-performance staplers.

Are you in a hurry?
Our winner after more than 35 hours of searching:

Bostitch Auto Xtreme High Performance Stapler

Bostitch Xtreme staplerAutomatic stapler

Our rating is


Heavy staplers are available in different shapes and sizes.

Some are for office use only.

Others can be taken out of the office for simple repairs and handiwork.

To find the stapler best suited to your needs, please refer to the table below.

Bostitch Auto Xtreme High Performance Stapler

#1. Our best selection in total

Bostitch Xtreme staplerAutomatic stapler

Our rating is


Heavy staplers can often get stuck and irritate the user.

That stapler never touched us during the test.

Thanks to Bostitch Xtreme, every document gets a special paper clip. The stapler automatically cuts the staples so that each document has an optimal staple size.

The use of this stapler does not require a complicated process. As long as you can exert effective pressure, you will be able to do your job quite effectively.

The fact is that no errors, malfunctions or damaged documents have occurred during testing with this stapler.

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Bostitch Impulse 45 electric stapler without locking

Staple pulse 45 No fault Electrical stapler


Are you going to use this stapler to go through a 200-page document? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Can you actually staple up to 45 pages without lifting a finger? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Although this Bostitch electric stapler does not have the same assembly performance as other staplers in its class, it offers excellent ease of use.

Just slide your documents into place and you can staple them. Put it in the wall or use batteries – it’s your choice.

Indeed, when stapling a large volume you will notice a big difference in your hands and wrists when using this stapler.

See also our guide with the best staple guns for your picture frame.

Onotio heavy stapler

Heavy Duty OnotioHeavy Duty Stapler


Maybe you need something stronger. The post office will probably need a different stapler than the one on each desk.

It’s a good choice for someone who doesn’t look sticky or doesn’t feel affectionate. Looks like it’s designed for serious sewing.

Up to 130 sheets can be stapled with a paper clip.

The whole body, except for the black part of the handle, is made of metal. Even this part is fully supported by the metal inner part.

You can also use the powerful ¼-inch or ½ 6-inch staples. Your choice should be determined by the subject you are working on.

The ½ model is best suited for stapling large stacks of paper or for office repairs. If you work with less, ¼ inch will do the job.

The lever mechanism on the front panel makes it easy to staple even larger stacks. The combination of high-quality staples and this stapler minimises jamming.

There is always the added advantage that there is a tool to remove the paper clips. This is included. The simple cleaning mechanism on the front is an additional function for removing blockages.

It can also be adjusted forward for large blades or backward for small blades. You will also receive a box with 1000 staples to help you on your way.

If you are looking for a stapler with long arms, we have looked here for the best staplers with long arms.

Heavy Duty Stapler Rapid HD200

HD200High quality fast stapler


It’s the heavy stapler you dream of in your office.

It can handle up to 220 sheets of paper at the specified capacity – and just a little more than that in our tests.

You have a low-voltage indicator that tells you when to recharge. The internal metal housing makes it easy to staple large quantities.

Although it is a manual stapler, this efficient design allows almost anyone to staple almost anything in the office.

Our practical guide to the best stapler for teachers includes other excellent products such as this one.

Handline Optima 40

Compact office stapler Optima 40Swingline stapler Optima 40


The Swingline brand has been around for 100 years. It was the company that supplied the very first stapler that made it possible to load the staples from the top.

They designed the Optima 40 to minimize the amount of paper clips going through the lot. Nobody wants a paper clip stuck halfway through a pile of paper.

With the Optima 40 you can staple up to 40 sheets at a time. That’s twice as much as most staplers, at half the cost.

When using the stapler, you will see two clicks when the paper is stapled.

The first happens when you press the paper clips. Your application shouldn’t just sit there. Click further for a second click, which means that the paper clip will be pressed against the paper.

It is equipped with a spring-loaded magazine, which makes filling the staples much quicker and easier. A maximum of 105 staples are stored in the cassette. The robust construction makes the stapling process quieter.

You need ¼-inch stapling to get the most out of your stapler. Finally, the colours (black and orange) allow easy integration into the office without being noticed as a sore thumb.

If you are looking for a similar stapler, but a little less powerful, read our article about Optima 20 here.

Stapler Swingline Red 747

Red Swingline stapler 747


The 747 is another good Swingline choice. If you are looking for a monochrome stapler, this is a good choice. It can bind up to 25 sheets of paper.

The whole body of the Swingline 747 stapler is made of metal. This is always a good indicator of longevity. They guarantee it with their limited lifetime warranty.

The 747 model is designed for use on a desktop computer. The cartridge can hold 210 staples. If you work at a low level, the low power indicator is an incredible addition. It indicates when it’s time to charge.

You also have the option of attaching supports to surfaces. The stapler can easily be opened with the unlocking option. This new feature allows you to use the stapler to attach objects to pinboards.

The inner rail of the stapler is designed to withstand jamming. For temporary fixation you can rotate the anvil in the opposite direction. The mechanism of this operation is based on lower depth and easier removal.

You also need the staples ¼. It is recommended to use S.F. 4 Prime clamps supplied by Swingline.

After all, with one design you will find the right colour for your office. There are 7 colors to choose from: Royal blue, black, antimicrobial black, chrome, grey, sky blue and steel grey.

Here you will find a complete overview of our 747.

Swingline Optima 25 stapler

Optima 25 Swivel needle stapler


Another great Swingline record is the Optima 25. If you haven’t noticed the ratio yet, 25 says this stapler can staple up to 25 sheets of paper in a single operation.

During the development of the Optima 25, emphasis was also placed on minimizing the amount of stapling required.

It’s a spring stapler. It’s easier to charge the staples when they’re ready. It works with a simple extraction mechanism to restart.

You need S.F. 3 clamps, it’s ¼ inch. These staples are designed to be cut, which makes them more efficient.

You can load up to 210 staples into an Optima 25 cassette. Another advantage is the minimum noise level when sewing.

The design is such that less force is needed, which means less noise. Like the other staplers in this series, they are covered by a lifetime warranty.

It is housed in a sturdy plastic case. Design means a flat desk. This makes it easier to insert the paper and press it without having to lift the stapler.

The price of this copy makes it a valuable asset. You may have problems with scramblers. In general, it is easy to specify this. See our manual below. They also have a recall guarantee.

To find out more about these excellent products, read our guide to the best air staple guns.

Bostitch stapler for the management

Bostitch Executive Office Binders


It can bind up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. With most staplers, two pitfalls are avoided: Watertightness and complexity of use.

It doesn’t take much pressure to get the pliers through.

There is an opening that allows you to open the stitch on the display.  The manufacturer claims that this stapler is 80% easier to use. It is not clear what the yardstick for this is.

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A staple remover is integrated at the front. This makes it easy to remove the holder compartment.

You can also use the paper clips of ¼ here. The only difficult part is loading the brackets. Be careful not to lose the instructions.

It is light and portable. The main part of the stapler is made of plastic. He’s still strong.

The only point of criticism that can realistically be compared to other staplers is the noise it makes in relation to the other staplers we have examined. Maybe the others are too quiet.

An extra bonus is an extra box. An extra pair of pliers can be stored there.

If you like Bostitch, take a look at our Best Stitch Stitches article.

Eco-electronics EX-25

Eco-electronics EX-25


This is an American electronic stapler.

Like the Californian company’s other products, the EX-25 embodies innovation and creativity. It is made entirely from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

You will notice that it is a little heavier than the others on this list (12.2 ounces). But that doesn’t mean there are too many problems.

It can be used with a single battery, i.e. six AA batteries. This makes it easy to use the electric stapler on the road or share it in the office.

If you prefer to be on the network, you can use the supplied AC power cable. Up to 8,000 stacks of paper can be skipped without being discharged when powered by the battery.

You can use a stapler while holding it in your hand. Or you can put it on the table. This frees the hands and speeds up the process.

It can attach up to 25 sheets in a single movement. Thanks to this patented design, traffic jams are a thing of the past.

There is an unlocking button at the rear. So you take out the cartridge to reload the staples when they’re done.

There is also a 14-point staple depth setting. This allows you to adjust the distance to the paper stack.

It will take some trial and error to understand what is the best setting for the task at hand. For this you need thumbnails ¼.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the replacement of the power supply and stapler.

We also looked at the best electric stapler gun, so look at this one.

Bostitch Rise 3 in 1 stapler

Bostitch climbing point 3 to 1 point


If you like the smaller, easy-to-wear model. That’s it. That’s it. It can hold up to 20 sheets at a time.

A simple and elegant design, crowned with a shiny silhouette.

In addition to the usual compartment for staples, there is also a hidden compartment. It serves as secondary storage for the cartridge.

On the back is a handy staple remover. In case you want to cut some sheets loose. Standard staples from ¼ inch are required. The spring mechanism makes filling easier.

The rubbery exterior has antimicrobial properties. This is a useful feature for general purpose staplers. They don’t know which bacteria are spreading from different hands. It’s pretty quiet out there, too.

You also have a choice of 10 colours and shades. The price is also at the bottom of the scale. It also has an unlock function.

If you want to put things on the bulletin boards, that’s enough.

The body of the stapler is 70% recyclable. There is no feeling of vulnerability with the plastic that was used for this.

Take a look at our overview of the best saddle stitchers for our best examples.

Bostitch EZ Squeeze 75

Bostitch EZ peg 75


If you’re worried about the bacteria coming through… Here’s another antimicrobial agent. The manufacturer says they blocked the powerful staplers and the electricity.

If the shape is correct, the EZ press does not need much force to press the paper clip.

It’s also much quieter than its predecessors. The comfort grip with lever arm is much larger than with other staplers.

All you need are your own Bostitch EZ Squeeze 75 Premium clips. This is a clear limiting factor.

After trying the standard ¼ clips from other manufacturers, I can confirm that they fit. The manufacturer doesn’t promote them.

You can staple up to 75 sheets of paper at a time. The uniform colour and elegant design are very suitable for office spaces.

There is a 7-year limited warranty. There is a square button on the back of the stapler. This is an eject button for reloading staples into the cartridge. The process couldn’t have been simpler.

Each package comes with 1200 extra paper clips, so you can get started right away. In the case of a wedge, the staples are loosened by holding the eject button on the back.

In terms of price, it’s in the middle area.

Our guide to the best way to remove staples contains other products that every toolbox needs.

PracticePro BUx3

PraxxisPro BUx3


Simplicity and elegance in an American product. He’s straight from Bend, Oregon. It can staple up to 25 sheets at a time.

The design seems fairly standardized. It’s probably a little flatter than the other staplers.

There’s no such thing as a high forearm.

The lower part of the stapler has a non-slip rubber base. It’s fully functional. You can unlock them to staple them to the pinboards.

Overall, the design and feel is strong. There’s a staple remover in the back.

The product is covered by a lifetime warranty. You can return it for a refund or an exchange. It is also designed to withstand squeezing.

In this context, there is no mechanism to resolve congestion. You have to bring him back to replace him.

A free package of 1250 Praxxis Pro premium devices is delivered.

Before you leave, take a look at our guide to board and carton staplers – and see which are our best staplers.

PraxxisPro-Kraftwerk - Electric stapler G2

PraxxisPro/G2 Power station staplers


If you need to keep your hands free or no longer feel like shredding staples by hand, electrical engineering may be a good choice for you. This is the second version of this brochure published by PraxxisPro.

Performance has improved significantly.

The package contains 5000 staples, a staple remover and a food. It can staple up to 40 sheets at a time. There is a paper guide with 5 positions.

It’s perfect for choosing a place.

There is a button on the back of the stapler to unlock the paper clips. Directly above the point where the power supply is connected.

In this case there is no possibility to deviate from the course. No batteries are required. I don’t think that would be a problem in the office.

Unlike other electric staplers, it is also possible to staple manually. It is a very quiet stapler for manual and electric stapling.

It is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect. You can use standard paperclips from ¼.

Basic principles of high resistance sewing machine

Heavy office staplers look a bit different than the average stapler. To start with, you have more space on the platform to store your document or other materials that need to be bound. This gives you more stability during stapling and reduces the chance of having to remove the error and start again. This stability can often be increased by placing the stapler on a flat surface.

The level of the levers supplied with the heavy stapler also increases. The design of the handle allows the user to start pressing the handle to create pressure before the mechanism actually activates what is being enjoyed. This gives the average person enough strength to bind large documents, even if he or she thinks he or she is not too strong.

Ergonomics also plays an important role when it comes to a powerful office stapler. Some staplers have a flat handle. Others have a curved handle that fits better in the palm of the hand. If you plan to use your new high-performance stapler on a large scale and then invest in a brand that offers certain ergonomic features, you can save yourself wrist, elbow and shoulder pain later on.

Advantages of the super stapler

Let’s be honest: Some stapling operations require a little more power and performance than others. If you need to staple bulky documents, thicker materials such as fabric or even laminates or plastic, an old-fashioned manual desktop stapler isn’t strong enough to get the job done. Then you need a powerful stapler to get to your plate and get to work.

The heavy-duty staplers are also ideal for large projects. If you have a resume that should be perfect, or if you are trying to attach thicker materials to cork, cardboard or other materials, the punch of a high-performance stapler will help you do the job efficiently. For best results, pay close attention to the number of sheets each stapler uses for assembly. A stapler that can staple more than 200 sheets gives you more versatility than an 80-sheet stapler.

Then there are the comfort factors. Your hands can hurt very quickly if a heavy stapler doesn’t work properly. Sewing again under these conditions can lead to a painful feeling, fatigue and even trauma. The best firmware stapler helps maintain productivity and ensures efficient work that supports your employees. For best results in this category, look at anti-slip and antimicrobial surfaces.

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High-performance staplers of type

When you buy heavy-duty staplers, you soon realise that easily accessible manual and electrical versions are now available. Deciding which type is best for you often depends on the amount of staples you need. The investment in an electric high-volume stapler can be very advantageous. However, an average office may never need to use a stapler in this category, as it only uses its heavy-duty hand insertion device a few times a week.

The robust staplers can also be made of high quality plastic, made entirely of metal or a mixture of both. Metal staplers in this category are generally the most expensive, but they are also generally the most durable. Brands such as Rapid, Swingline and Bostitch offer models that can be upgraded to meet your needs, so you always get the right amount of staplers for the job.

What are the prices of strong staplers?

High quality electric staplers have the highest prices in this category. For some brands you will find high-end models with a price of more than $400. It is a fairly high investment for an office machine, but its performance can replace up to 10 conventional high-performance staplers. In the long run, the costs are about the same.

Prices for heavy manual staplers usually start at around $35 and then rise further. Some models are offered below this price, but beware of plastic parts that do not survive the wear and tear you expect from your tools. The average price of a good in-line stapler today is about $50, and you can staple between 60 and 80 sheets. For units with more than 150 hands, you have to pay at least $100.

What is a desk stapler?

A desk stapler is a portable or desktop stapler and ideal for the eyes. The last part is important in an office environment.

They don’t want anything heavy or unattractive. The office stapler should be easy to use. In an office environment, there are already a number of quite complex issues at hand. Your stapler shouldn’t be part of it.

Office staplers come in two shapes. They’re either manual or electric. Manual staplers are operated by hand or wrist. You must physically press or push up or down to pass the paper clip through the paper. If you’re holding a stapler in your hand, you have to squeeze it.

Automatic staplers work with sensors or buttons. When a sheet of paper is placed under the sensors, the engine guides the paper clip through the paper. Just press a button to loosen the seam.

We searched everywhere for the best office staplers on the market. In addition to viewing the various best selections, we have also added a detailed buyer’s guide.

This way you can choose the stapler of your choice. It gives you an idea of what to look out for and what to take into account if you decide to buy a stapler for your office.

Desktop stapler Purchase guide

We have our favorite staplers. What we haven’t mentioned is what we pay attention to when choosing your favorites.

What should be considered when trying out a new desktop binder?

The easiest way to limit the list to whether your desktop stapler should be powered manually or electrically. There are other shades.

This guide gives you the knowledge you need to confidently choose the right office stapler.

When used

Location should always be the first consideration. You can choose an excellent stapler, but if it does not adapt to the environment in which it is used, it is useless. If you work in the electric field, you should think about an easily accessible power supply. You should see his versatility. Does it work manually? Do you need batteries for this?


Appearance is another aspect of the place. Here you will have to think about whether colour plays a role. There are places where something too coarse would not fit the general style or the Zen of the place. If you are interested in Feng Shui, think about the consequences of your choice.


Most staplers are quite light, so you don’t have to worry. But there are also more powerful staplers. The weight will be considerable in terms of potential health and safety risks in the office.

If she fell on someone or the surface, would everything be okay? Another aspect, when it comes to weight, is how it will affect the user. Could this make it more difficult to use? For example, if the user is older.


The user is not necessarily limited to those for which it was purchased. Everyone who has access to your office is a potential user. It’s a more important safety mechanism. If children can use staples, is it safe for them?

Advantages of an electric office stapler

Electric staplers have been around for a while. They didn’t take off as fast as most people hoped. This is largely due to the efficiency of its predecessors. Although the electric desktop stapler has many advantages, it is not exactly superior to the manual stapler.

Electric staplers are generally more expensive than manual staplers. They are powered by a battery or directly from a wall socket. As a result, their operation requires much less physical effort. All you have to do is put the paper under the sensor.

For those who do not have sensors, there is a button to press to release the paper clip. It is much easier to make a mistake when using an electric stapler. Before you get used to it, the staples may be a little loose. Once you’ve mastered it, it will be very accurate.

The total value also deserves attention. The manual stapler only costs at purchase and is completed with paper clips when finished. The battery also needs to be replaced for the electrical system.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Faster processing time compared to manual processing.
  • A kind of hands-free operation.
  • Easy to use (in most cases).
  • In general, they have more safety features than manual devices.
  • You can make it unusable for minors by simply removing the power supply or batteries.
  • The results are more consistent because of the consistency of the junk.
  • The power can be measured. You can easily determine how many sheets can be stapled in a period. This is a level of performance that can be maintained.

Advantages of a portable desktop stapler

Most people thought the electric stapler was the end of the manual stapler. That didn’t happen. The manually operated desktop stapler is still much better than electric staplers. There are several reasons why this old measure refuses to be phased out.

Most offices regularly use staplers. It is therefore difficult to justify the need for electronics. I’m not tired of talking about it, sewing a few pages here and there.

You will also make fewer mistakes if you have to physically press or remove the paper clip.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Cheaper than an electric stapler.
  • There are no cumulative costs other than the cost of materials.
  • It works directly from the box without the need for an adjustment.
  • There is room to scale up the results.

Will the manual stapler be superior to the electronic stapler?

The answer to this question will depend on the expected quantity produced. The manual stapler is highly dependent on human strength and speed. This means it’s possible to do better.

There is always a better way to solve this problem. Most people will find small things that can be changed, which will reduce the time needed to complete the task. There is a point at which it cannot be improved. It can be very difficult to know when this point has been reached.

The electronic stapler is normally thoroughly tested in the factory. Usually there is a predetermined work capacity. You know at best how much you can benefit from it. There is little room for improvement.

The critical difference becomes clear when approaching large stacks of paper. The electronics maintain their speed throughout the journey. Someone who works for someone else gets tired and sees their productivity drop.

This way, managers can win for the quick work. You can always count on electronics for marathon races.

Desk vs. workbooks

Desk books and workbooks are very similar. The main difference will appear when you start considering users. The obligation to care for schools is much more important because children are more exposed. They’ll probably try anything with their staplers. If, as a teacher, you are looking for the best stapler, you should consult the section Best Teacher Stapler.

Workbooks do not exist:

  • Too heavy. The kids will probably drop her. Let’s think about the consequences of landing on your toes.
  • Easy to fill or empty.The less cartridge is available, the better. These small paperclips can be very harmful if you put them in the wrong hands or in the wrong place.
  • Too expensive.Children in the big break are faster. Not only do schools have to buy these items in large quantities, but they usually don’t last as long as a desk stapler.
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Paper clip size (standard)

¼ / 6 mm Most common for schools and offices. Best of all: Paper, light fabric, thin plastic, bags, labels and tags
5/16 / 8 mm Mostly in the field of handicraft, DIY, home repair and furniture. Best of all: Lightweight fabrics, craft materials, fine plastics and cardboard
⅜ / 10 mm Most common for insulation, thin furniture cushions. Best of all: Plastic, household packaging and roofing felt.
½ inch / 12 mm This one’s a little bigger on the heavy side. Best of all: Coniferous wood, insulation, carpets, household packaging and carpet paper


Sustainability is the degree of benefit you can derive from your property. It can be difficult to measure with a bat. The first thing to check is what material the stapler is made of. A metal or steel staple is more durable than a plastic staple. It’s not certain.

Some plastic staplers are longer than metals. The lifespan is not limited to physical failure. If the product no longer works, it is no longer sustainable.

You may have a metal stapler that is not physically damaged but no longer works. Some plastic staplers are well made. Even with a noticeable weakness in the material, they are the strongest.

All our recommendations above are quite sustainable. They have hundreds or thousands of customer reviews that support them.

Best paper stapler

Our best choice for paper stapling is the Onotio Heavy Duty 100 Sheet High Performance Office Stapler. We wanted one that would take a ¼ inch paper clip. It also offers greater versatility. If you wanted to staple the big piles of paper together, she could do that.

Best card stapler

If you’re a craftsman, you might need something a little bigger than a paperclip ¼. An eight millimeter would be the ideal size. With a half, it’s a little too much. Most desktop binders are limited to ¼.

In this case we recommend the use of the Onotio Heavy Duty 100 Sheet High Capacity table stapler. So you can switch from ¼ to ½ if necessary.

Best stapler for freelancers/travelling contractors

Our laptops look more and more like our offices. More and more people are working on the street or elsewhere. For this we needed a stapler that was lightweight. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the colours of the office. Our best choice for freelancers is the Swingline 747 stapler. It’s the one that fits comfortably in the pocket of a laptop or jacket. The cartridge can hold 210 staples. You don’t have to carry a box of staples.

Office stapler prices

There is a wide range of prices for staple foods. The cheapest starts at 6 dollars or less. They’re going up to a few hundred bucks. Basically, you’ll find you’re worth your money.

At the bottom of the ladder are the plastic ones. Normally they do the work, but they don’t ensure a long life. If you buy a disposable, that may be enough.

The material becomes stronger as prices rise. Electrical appliances are generally more expensive than manual ones. Feedback is generally a better indicator of what you will receive than prices.

Best office staplers

There are different kinds of braces. Fortunately, there is only one, which is normally used in office notebooks. This is a paper clip ¼. It is often referred to as a standard paper clip. You may have noticed that one of our best examples, the Onotio Heavy Duty 100 sheet high capacity desktop stapler, also uses staples in ½ format. It’s not normal.

How do I turn off my desk stapler?

A blockage occurs when a bracket gets stuck in a bore in the housing. Under normal circumstances, paperclips would have continued without any problems. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems with staplers. One of the staples will detach from the cartridge by inserting it at an unfavorable angle and it will never come out.

The most recent models are produced with small innovations designed to solve this problem. They’re also stored if you use the wrong size staples. That’s something worth looking at after you find out.

Even with all the innovations, the question will arise from time to time. Our natural instinct is to put pressure on the stapler. Maybe the next paper clip will push the one that’s stuck. Suppose it doesn’t work. That usually happens. How do you solve the desk stapler problem?

Electric staplers are supplied with a set of operating instructions. Some large companies will replace your stapler when this happens. This is normally not the case with manual staplers.

First you want to open the clamp holder. Sometimes a jammed paperclip keeps the paperclip closed. You may have to use force to open it. Use brute force to open the stapler. Pull off the bottom. Make sure you don’t pierce your finger.

Once you’re open, you can see what’s stuck in the hull. You can start emptying the other paper clips. At this point, use a thinner object to pull out a jammed paper clip. You can remove it with a flat screwdriver.

Insert the thin end of the screwdriver into the groove to remove the jammed paper clip. As soon as he’s made the hole. Use this function to crawl back and forth. It should put an end to traffic jams and waste that can cause delays.

In some cases, a paper clip is broken into several pieces when it is pushed. Make sure you get rid of all the pieces. Otherwise, no matter which way you go, it will be the reason for your next traffic jam. It’s one thing to fix a stapler for a spell. It’s best not to let it get stuck.

If your stapler is stuck in the middle of the stapler, you will need a device to remove it. There are two types of staples, one mainly for office staplers, but there are also heavy staples.

Congestion prevention

There’s not much you can do to stop the blockade. Sometimes it just happens. Here are some steps you can take that will make a big difference.

  • Always use the correct staple size.
  • Clean the staple cartridge regularly. Eliminate any waste that may have accumulated.
  • Avoid using staples that may be deformed during storage.
  • Do not use staples that show signs of rust or corrosion.

Last words

The best ratings on hard-working staplers help you control the paperwork in your office. If you like to be organized, each of these staplers will help you make your work more efficient every day.

It is a small investment but a big return on investment, so a heavy stapler is always a good idea.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best heavy duty stapler?

There are two types of staplers: normal and heavy. You take the heavy worker with you for a big job – no matter how much paper, how thick the cards are, or something that requires a little more strength. Although this entire article is dedicated to our views on the best high-performance staplers, we would like to briefly remind you here: V2

How do I use a heavy duty stapler?

The load on the heavy stapler varies from model to model, but they all follow this basic pattern:

Step 1 – Press down on a flat surface on the back of the stapler until the spring mechanism (or otherwise) engages in your hand.

Step 2 – Place the paper clips in the space you created. Make sure they are facing upwards (usually they only go in one direction).

Step 3 – Put the mechanism back into the stapler until it is flush with the tailgate. Apply pressure until he jumps and clicks.

What is a heavy duty stapler?

If you sew more than 20 sheets at a time, you usually need a powerful stapler. Maybe you need something that grows 50 sheets, or maybe a 100-page memoir. Instead of producing them in small batches with a conventional stapler, you can produce them all at the same time with a heavy stapler.

As with conventional staplers, both manual and electric staplers are available with a high load capacity.



bostitch auto xtreme heavy duty stapler,fasmov heavy duty stapler 240 sheets high capacity.

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