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There are many models of staplers, and what you buy depends on your needs. If you need to carry a stapler with you everywhere, you may need a small portable stapler to make your work easier. If you need to staple many pages at the same time and several times a day, you may need the powerful stapler. In some cases, all you need is a stapler that is slightly more powerful than your normal stapler. This may be because your report is too thick or because the brackets just don’t match. Maybe you just don’t have the strength to bind over 150 sheets of paper properly. However, if you need more staples than your usual stapler, then it’s time to look for a powerful stapler.

Heavy-duty staplers

You need a heavy-duty stapler if you need to staple with at least 50 sheets of paper. These mechanical staplers are designed to connect thick stacks of reports. They are great for ordinary workplaces and users with high limitations because they can bind sheets from to 215.

If you often include large archives or reports in a network, you need a powerful stapler. These staplers are particularly suitable for use in common areas or for stapling with high limit values. These staplers may not be easy to use, but they do it in these extreme adventures.

Usually a model directly on the desk. They usually have instructions on how far to staple the paper from the edge.

The robust staplers are available in the version with two uniquemodels. It includes flat staplers, which staple paper horizontally, and saddle staplers, which staple paper (normally folded) along the spine. Some high-performance staplers can even do both. There are several types of high performance staplers, including super flat pliers half staplers and high performance cartridge staplers.

Fundamental elements of strong staples

Heavy-duty workplace staplers look slightly different from your regular stapler. First of all, you get more space on the platform for breaks or sewing equipment. This gives you more stability during stapling and reduces the chance of having to remove the error and start again. To this stability you can add a permanent attachment of the stapler on a flat surface.

The heavy duty stapler comes with a higher leverage effect. The handles are designed so that the user can start applying pressure before the tool actually does what it is supposed to do. It gives the average citizen enough energy to bind huge documents.

Ergonomics is an essential factor when it comes to a powerful stapler for the workplace. Many staplers have flat handles. Others have a curved handle that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. If you expect excessive use of your new high-performance stapler, investing in a brand that offers certain ergonomic features can prevent wrist, elbow and shoulder complaints on the road.

High-performance staplers of type

In today’s markets you will find different versions of heavy duty staplers. These staplers are divided into manual and electric staplers. The volume and type of work with staplers determine the best type of heavy duty stapler you are looking for. The main purpose is to staple large stacks of paper, for example more than 200 pages, and to insert metal fasteners into thick documents. Heavy duty staplers are used in many industries and offices where a large number of heavy duty staplers are needed.

Heavy-duty handheld staplers

They are ideal for home and office projects. They are easily available in different models and are relatively cheap. Most heavy manual staplers require the user to squeeze the handle with physical force. Ideal for small jobs that do not need to be pressed several times.

Super electric staplers

High-quality electric staplers run on alternating current or batteries. Electrical models have triggers that require only a small amount of pressure to operate. With a few nails and reinforcements you can adjust the length of the buckle. Electrical models are generally more expensive than manual models, but customers can find used electrical staplers online. This type checks several staples per minute, but the user must press the button to check each staple. Heavy-duty electric staplers are available in different models, as shown by their intended use, e.g. B. as a screen stapler on the door or on the floor and as a canvas extension for works of art.

Improved performance of the stapler

Durable staplers are available in all shapes and sizes. Some are completely designed for office use. Others can be removed from the workplace for easy repairs and work. The different models available on the market, designed for different companies, can be confusing. In any case, buying the right model becomes a clearer task after some research on the internet and exploring different alternatives. Here we have put together a list of the best heavy duty staplers with objective and thorough checks that will give you an advantage when purchasing.

Best Heavy Duty Staplers: Rating

High performance saddle stitch machine (S7039005)

This high quality Swingline stapler is ideal for all your stapling tasks that go beyond normal stapling. With this high quality Swingline stapler you can staple 160 sheets at a time. The all-metal construction guarantees durability and a long lifespan. Other features of this machine are the front locking mechanism and the guide for modest and neat sewing. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Heavy duty stapler Swingline Heavy duty stapler Swingline Reduced effect SmartTouch belt clip stapler that makes stapling twice as easy. You can easily staple up to 25 sheets with half the manual effort. Its outstanding features are its steel construction, silent operation and clamping mechanism.

The steel construction offers a strength of and excellent performance with increased flexibility. The precision staple guide gives the user more control over large stapling operations and ensures a perfect result. The cleaning mechanism prevents the clamps from jamming and increases productivity.

It’s also an incredibly reliable and productive stapler that helps you get the job done right.

The advantages of

  • Provides maximum performance with greater flexibility 160-field capacity
  • Long-term performance
  • Elegant and ergonomic design


  • Insufficient quality control
  • Sometimes there are traffic jams

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Antimicrobial resistant stapler (B310HDS)

This powerful stapler from Bostitch is ideal for heavy-duty work and can staple up to 130 sheets at a time. Their all-metal construction makes them strong and durable, despite intensive use. This is a great stapler for the office or any other workplace where a lot of heavy staples are needed.

Heavy Duty staplers The anti-lock mechanism prevents the staplers from jamming and ensures smooth stapling. Another useful feature of this stapler is the adjustable guide for standard and metric paper sizes, which ensures accuracy and a perfect result.

An antimicrobial coating helps prevent the growth of bacteria and germs. It has a neck depth of 2 3/8 inches and uses SB35 series staples from ¼ to 5/8 for heavy-duty applications. With this machine you can easily staple a thick stack of paper and cardboard.

For a heavy-duty stapler it is not particularly heavy, but strong enough to handle the task. The staples are always bent efficiently and do not come loose. It can take up a lot of space on the table, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave it on the table all the time. In general, it is an excellent stapler for stapling under difficult conditions.

The advantages of

  • Fault-free technology
  • Sustainable
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • It’s working fine.
  • The brackets are firmly folded


  • A restart from the rear can be confusing.
  • takes up a lot of space

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Heavy Duty OnotioHeavy Duty Stapler

This Onotio Heavy Duty stapler works perfectly when you need it. Simply press the handle, the paper clip holds up to 100 sheets and folds firmly onto the spine of the pages.

Heavy-duty staplers If you’re tired of using cheap staplers that claim to be heavy-duty, try this brand. This is a high performance stapler made of 100% metal, but it’s 4 times cheaper than comparable staplers from well-known brands. With this on your desk, you’re in charge of your paperwork, and the best thing is that it costs you no more than a good lunch.

There is a simple mechanism to clean the front panel, so you don’t have to worry about the staples getting stuck. Moreover, it is one of the few heavy-duty staplers that offers a 100% guarantee. It is an office stapler for your workplace that you can really count on. It is a good solid stapler with excellent leverage for heavy stapling.

The advantages of

  • 100% metal
  • Durable and durable
  • Blockage removal mechanism
  • Economic
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Insufficient quality control
  • James was on the blue moon once.

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Fasmov heavy stapler

This heavy duty stapler from Fasmov has an amazing stapling capacity of 240 sheets. It consists of all-metal parts that ensure long life and reliable operation.

Heavy Duty Stapler This is a reliable stapler that increases productivity and helps you get the job done right. It is also very easy to use. The staple groove can be inserted into two separate staples.

This remarkable high-performance stapler is easy to use and staple without any problems. The disadvantage is that it does not contain a user manual, which can lead to certain problematic situations when getting the staples out of the machine.

However, it is one of the well-built heavy duty staplers that will certainly last for many years to come.

The advantages of

  • Durable and durable
  • Full metal construction
  • Well done and of excellent quality
  • Affordable
  • Superb and long-lasting performance


  • Does not contain a user manual
  • Some of the staples used can get stuck.

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HD220 High performance stapler (73140)

It’s the heavy stapler you imagined in your office. It is ideal for stapling large batteries. With its clear limit, it can staple up to 220 sheets of paper – and it was a little busier than in our tests.

Heavy Duty Stapler This heavy duty stapler has a low no-indicator that indicates when you need to replenish your stock. The all-metal inner housing makes it easy to staple large quantities. Adjustable metal guide to help you use the correct staple size for different amounts of paper.

Although it is a manual stapler, this efficient design allows almost anyone to staple almost anything in the office. It is well built, has a light loading mechanism and works without any problems. The can easily sew through 220 sheets of, which is quite impressive.

The advantages of

  • Strong and powerful
  • Excellent grabability
  • Practical table with staple sizes and paper quantity
  • Simple frontal loading
  • Requires very little effort.


  • The piece of plastic can come off
  • Sometimes there are traffic jams
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This high-performance stapler from Bostitch gives you the extra leverage you need for solid stapling. No problem, it can easily tie up to 215 sheets of 20 book binders. This sturdy stapler can easily perforate not only paper but also cardboard.

Durable staplers Antimicrobial coating helps prevent the growth of bacteria and germs. It has a neck depth of 2 3/4 inch and uses super strong SB35 series staples from ¼ inch to 15/16 inch. With this machine you can easily staple a thick stack of paper and cardboard.

The anti-congestion mechanism prevents the staples from jamming and ensures smooth stapling. Another useful feature of this stapler is the adjustable paper stop for standard and metric sizes of , which ensures accuracy and a perfect result.

This is the perfect stapler if you have a lot of heavy stapling to do. This fantastic stapler works like magic in huge stacks of paper without much effort.

The advantages of

  • Fault-free technology
  • Sustainable
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • It’s working fine.
  • Adjustable paper stop


  • A restart from the rear can be confusing.
  • A little more expensive.

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Grey Heavy Duty Swivel stapler Deluxe (S7039002R)

This heavy-duty Swingline stapler has an all-metal construction for superior durability and long-term performance. A paper setting guide is included for accurately stapling up to 160 pages with 20 lb. paper.

The high-quality staplers have a collar depth from 2 to 3/4 inches for flexibility and control, while soft materials provide extra comfort when touching. It is compatible with Swingline staples in lengths ¼, ½, ¾ and 3/8 inches. The stapler is equipped with a front cleaning mechanism with anti-blocking protection for better accuracy and a smoothstapler.

The stapler is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This robust stapler can staple up to 160 sheets efficiently. The Swingline Deluxe Heavy Duty offers reliability and durability for heavy duty stapling applications and features a robust all-metal construction for superior long-term performance.

The advantages of

  • Extended capacity up to 160 sheets
  • Stable all-metal construction
  • Instructions for determining accuracy
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Blockage removal mechanism


  • Traffic jams
  • Less functional design

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Automatic stapler for Bostitch Auto 180 Xtreme Duty (B380HD) Firmware

The Bostitch Xtreme Duty automatic stapler is a top-of-the-line stapler that can easily staple 180 sheets. The stapler instinctively cuts the staples to the exact size so that each pile is cut separately. At Bostitch Xtreme, each forklift truck is equipped with an individual paper clip.

Powerful staplers The integrated flat locking system guarantees a professional look and makes it possible to stack accurately at all times. Anti-lock technology increases productivity by preventing staples from jamming. Heavy staplers can jam as often as possible and cause irritation and bitterness. But this Bostitch shows no sign of interference.

There are no confusing procedures for the use of this brochure. Click on the handle to finish stapling.

This heavy duty stapler is faultless, fault-free and free of damaged documents. The ergonomic handle provides extra sewing comfort. The rubber base holds the stapler in one place and prevents it from slipping.

The advantages of

  • Excellent grabability
  • Automatic stapling on the stack
  • Anti-congestion technology
  • ergonomic design
  • Rubber foot


  • The operating instructions are not clear.
  • Comparable duration

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Office stapler Swingline Optima 70 (S7087875)

Another large Swingline stapler, the Optima 70, offers maximum productivity with minimum effort. This makes stapling up to 50% easier; up to 70 sheets can be stapled easily and quietly into one size with less effort.

Stapler Optima 70 SwinglineTabletop (S7087875) Flat-clip technology allows flat staples to be placed on the back of documents for neat stacking. The performance of this stapler without clamps prevents staples from getting stuck.

This gives you a 100% performance guarantee if you use the device with the recommended paper clips.

The soft-touch ergonomic handle provides extra sewing comfort. You can load paper clips quickly and easily with the QuickLoad store on the front of the stapler.

The compact design of this stapler makes it possible to place it in the tightest spaces. This stapler is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, as well as optimal durability, performance and ergonomics.

The advantages of

  • Proportionally 50% lighter
  • Flat terminal technology
  • Trouble-free operation
  • 100% performance guarantee
  • Ergonomics and compactness


  • Duration in terms of bandwidth
  • Sometimes there are traffic jams

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Rapesco Eco, high quality office stapler

This heavy duty stapler from Rapesco is relatively new on the market, but has managed to impress users with its amazing properties. is made of 75% recycledplastic. This Rapesco Eco can staple up to 100 sheets at a time. This powerful stapler does the heavy stapling work without much effort.

Powerful stapler With the uniquelocking system with paper guide, which can be easily opened and filled with staples. The staple guide allows you to use staples of the correct size to staple different quantities of paper.

Although it is a very strong stapler, the doesn’t weigh much, making it better able to move from one place to another with less effort.

The handle has a soft rubber grip for comfort. You will get better results if you use Rapesco staplers with this stapler. The stapler is large, robust and reliable; you won’t regret choosing it for your heavy stapling work.

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The advantages of

  • An easy job
  • Capacity 240 sheets
  • Unique paper guide locking system
  • Lightness and strength
  • Rubber handle


  • Rapesco staples should be used.
  • No technology to avoid traffic jams.

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Copper manual for heavy-duty staplers

A heavy stapler isn’t a great adventure, but that doesn’t mean you can settle for everyone. Whatever you pay, you have to pay for the right thing, it’s your hard-earned money, after all. Because a reliable heavy duty stapler can save you valuable time. That’s why we’ve created this buyer’s guide where you can read about nuts and bolts, types and some considerations for buying the best heavy-duty fasteners.

Do you really need a heavy stapler?

You know you only need a powerful stapler if you need to staple a thick document, and your usual stapler just won’t work. The heavy duty stapler has a spring mechanism that pushes the lever down, the head pushes the spring that quickly turns the lower links that push the stapler to the maximum amount of material. This design increases the stapler’s ability to insert staples into rigid surfaces at the touch of a button.

If you don’t need to staple more than 50 pages regularly, you don’t need a powerful stapler. The heavy-duty stapler is useful in the workplace where a lot of paperwork is generated.

Selection of heavy-duty staplers according to staple size

Another important consideration when purchasing a heavy-duty stapler is the size of the staplers to which it will fit. The universality of the instrument determines its practical value. The more sizes and types of staples there are, the better the stapler can handle heavy-duty applications. Dimensions in inches or millimeters represent the height of the teeth, while the crown size represents the width of a flat or rounded apex.

Flat crown staples are intended for general use to secure one surface to another. The powerful manual staplers have a 5/16 inch capacity for moving large staple sizes.

Price of a heavy stapler

Good things don’t always have to be expensive, and expensive goods aren’t the best. Heavy hand grenades are not that expensive, but electric staplers can be. The best heavy-duty staplers cost less than $30 and can easily staple more than 100 sheets. Some of them cost more than $50, but don’t forget to check out the extra features that make them expensive. And some are just expensive, but have zero digits.

Additional considerations

Most high-performance staplers have a warranty, but some have more than others, and some have a lifetime warranty. Check the small print on the online retailer’s site before buying a heavy duty stapler. If you have a choice between two robust staplers with the same features, choose the most guaranteed.

Online search for heavy duty staplers

An online store is the best way to buy almost anything. When you buy high-performance staplers online, you’ll find a wide range of types, finishes and prices for both new and used models. You can easily find and read user reviews of a particular model, so you can make the best choice. In just a few minutes you can search for different models of different brands.

Advantages of heavy duty staplers

We know that some sewing jobs require more power and energy than others. If you need to stack large stacks of paper, thicker materials such as cloth or plastic, a traditional office stapler is not strong enough to get the job done. Then you need a powerful stapler to get the job done.

Heavy staplers are also ideal for large jobs. If you have a final summary that needs to be perfect, or if you’re trying to apply thicker materials to cork, cardboard or other materials, the punch of a high-performance stapler will help you get the job done. You need to think carefully about the number of sheets each stapler needs to achieve the best results. Thestapler, which can staple more than 200 sheets, gives you more versatility than an 80-sheet stapler.

Comfort factors should be taken into account at this stage. Your hands may feel a clear pain immediately if the heavy stapler is not working properly. Under these conditions sutures can cause pain, weakness and even injury. The best heavy-duty stapler will help you maintain productivity while ensuring efficient operation. Look for anti-slip and antimicrobial surfaces for best results.


Heavy duty staplers are universal staplers that are necessary for a workstation where a lot of heavy staples are regularly needed. If your regular office stapler can’t do the job, a heavy-duty stapler will do it for you. If you are considering buying something, we hope the above comments and our buying guide will help you find what you are looking for.



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