Best Pneumatic Staple Gun Reviews

There are basically three classes of staple guns: Manual, electric and pneumatic. The purpose of these weapons is to drive metal fasteners in plastic, wood and various materials. The staple gun is an indispensable tool in various industries and is also very useful for domestic use.

The compressed air staple guns are the most powerful staple guns. They need an air compressor for their operation, but they also need to offer high performance and reliability. With these powerful staplers you look professional and you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for the best air stapler, you have come to the right place.

Compressed air guns

It is not surprising that compressed air devices are driven. Professional contractors and assembly line workers have been using pneumatically driven tools for some time now. What has changed is that manufacturers now produce and promote compressed air tools, especially to their own owners. One of these instruments is the air gun.

Carpenters, carpenters, joiners and designers will be amazed by the speed, power, precision and convenience of the pneumatically driven stapler. Air driven staple guns need compressed air and are the most popular models for the heavy-duty sector. They are equipped with fast fire and safety alternatives.

They are certainly not used to decorate houses, small works of art or even windows and screens. Pneumatic staplers are used for skating wood , for woodworking, for the manufacture of cabinets, furniture and upholstery, in the construction industry, for cabinet-making and for other industrial purposes.

Control mechanism for airguns

The air gun is an instrument normally used during development. We need a gun with a trigger and a bullet. The air gun is operated with compressed air. It is used to enter in brackets in the work plan. The pliers cut the work surface quickly and accurately. So it’s a cost-effective way to store things.

Pneumatic models are the most intensive and this is what design or assembly specialists use in this field. The power supply is provided by the air conditioning so that these units can operate for a long time without waiting for a standstill. An additional advantage of the pneumatic design is the versatility of thedesign.

In terms of freedom of movement, the pneumatic models are superior to the electric models. They are also the most efficient staplers in terms of performance. Different types of pressure bar pressure bar pressure bar pressure bar pressure bar pressure bar pressure bar The disadvantage is that these staplers are noisy and expensive and need compressed air to work.

Pneumatic models are more dangerous when larger mounts are used, which can cause real damage. When using these staplers, specialists regularly notice that they wear thick gloves and tools that make them more comfortable because they can be more dangerous.

Best air guns

Compressed air guns, like others, are available in different models and sizes, with different features and functions. Each brand has its own characteristics and design. We have compiled a list of the best compressed air guns available on the market today, with subsequent checks. The best reviews on air staple guns will help you find the right one for your needs. The main weapons on the list are of the highest quality and are recommended by users. You can use this information to compare and contrast different models and get the best value for money.

Best air guns – Test reports

Rubber cover paper reader 9615A Rubber cover paper reader

The Surebonder 9615A is a pneumatic stapler with a working pressure of 60 to 100 PSI. It weighs 3 pounds and is well designed for comfortable use. This Surebonder staple gun is designed to fire 22 calibres of 3/8 arrow action guns with 5/16 to 5/8 length crowns.

Pneumatic staples This is one of the safest pneumatic staples for upholstered furniture with implied security key. This prevents accidental shooting when the lock is in a safe place. This is an impact stapler that simply pulls when the nose of the disc is pressed against the material to be mounted.

The Surebonder 9615A has a load capacity of 100, making it easy to load a loader. Use theSurebonder 300 Series paper clip to ensure compatibility and reduce the risk of paper jams. The Surebonder 9600A is equipped with a quick-change loader that only needs a short time to change. This system is very strong, unlike other brands and types, where the trunk has to be almost manually separated and reattached.

In addition, this clamping gun contains air oil, Allen key andheavy carrying case. Overall, this is a well-designed stapler for upholstery, but a longer nose would be ideal for easy use in tight spaces. It is ideally suited for a variety of projects including cladding, insulation, roofing felt, household packaging, automotive vinyl and many others.

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Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4 Slim Crown SplittingSplitting Coupling

The Hitachi N3804AB3 18 megapixel 1/2 inch narrow stapler is a high quality when it comes to air driven units. With such an air gun, you can simply pull the trigger and shoot at the frame in no time without having to worry about whether your hand will hurt after a while. The elastomer handle is strong and flexible, so the gun remains firmly in the hand without slipping.

Compressed air staple gun Probably one of the lightest compressed air guns on the market, weighing only 2.3 pounds. Its low weight makes it comfortable and easy to use. This Hitachi stapler normally works with a simple rocker switch. This system makes it possible to switch very quickly and easily from a simple trigger to a contact.

This Hitachi stapling gun also has a depth setting that allows it to be used on a wide variety of materials. Hitachi’s Narrow Crown stapler also has a slotless tip that can work without the risk of nicks or scratches on the surface. The N3804AB3 offers a cordless depth adjustment that adjusts each staple to the desired depth in the material for better control and adjustment.

The exhaust pipe is 360 degrees adjustable and makes it possible to extract exhaust fumes from hands, face and work surface. The easy to load memory can hold up to 100 staples. It has several applications, ranging from furniture, exterior painting, cabling systems andinterior painting. With all these great and amazing features, Hitachi’s fine crownstitching machine is undoubtedly valued more than silver, and is considered indispensable when performing certain tasks.

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Compressed air stack gun with PT50 boom Compressed air stack gun

The PT50 boom is a tool for do-it-yourselfers. This is a 3 pound air cannon with a working pressure of up to 120 PSI. You can use clean dry compressed air, preferably in the range 60-100 PSI for better results. It is designed to hammer 18 T50 nails from ¼ inch to 9/16 inch long. It is a decent equipment for a variety of light and medium sized businesses, from cabinet placement to upholstery.

Pneumatic staple gunPneumatic staple gun with shock effect. This makes him safe because he simply pulls on the brackets when his nose is pressed against the material you are attaching. It comes with an easy to load memory. The Arrow PT50 pneumatic stapling gun is designed for comfortable use with a balanced body and a conveniently shaped handle.

This main gun is mainly intended for domestic use, such as cladding, packaging, insulation, plastics, mounting convertible tops on cars and more than. The staple gun is supplied with 2 Allen wrenches and replaceable oil. All in all, it’s an excellent main gun.

In any case, this eliminates the need to adjust the depth, which can be useful if you prefer not to drive the staples too deep into the material to be fastened. However, it is possible to adjust the air pressure of the compressor. It also ensures smooth and reliable operation with minimum space requirements, incorrect feeding or loading problems. This staple gun of solid construction offers excellent performance at a very affordable price.

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Porter Cable US58 22 megapixel 1/4 to 5/8 inch staplerfor C-shaped center moulds.

The Porter-Cable US58 is a lightweight and well-designed staple gun for upholstered furniture. Weighing just 1.8 pounds, this is one of the lightest pneumatic cladding staplers available today. It is designed to drive ¼ on 5/8 3/8 .22 caliber crown mount. In order to ensure compatibility and to minimise tool jamming, we recommend the use of the standard Senco 22-gauge pliers.

The compressed air staplers have a working pressure of 70 to 120 PSI. The US58 comes with a 1 inch plate nose extension for ease of use in the limited space of the. The easy to load magazine can hold up to 185 staples at a time. This makes it easy to use the tool for a longer period of time without having to restart. Its exceptionally designed operator moves backwards with the magazine, which does not make the dust removal problem problematic.

This is not a 360 degree exhaust, but a rear exhaust that removes unwanted air, oil and condensation. He doesn’t have a pointy nose, which means he’ll shoot whether he’s attached to something or not. Depending on the person controlling the device, this can be a serious problem, so additional safety precautions are required when using the device.

This product comes with a 30 day performance certificate and a one year limited warranty. Although the inclusion of a carrier bag is recommended, many buyers reported that the bag was not actually included in their orders. Yet it is one of the most reliable and affordable products on the list.

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Surebonder 9600B Standard high quality pneumatic tacker type T50Surebonder

This Surebonder 9600B stapler gun is surprisingly handy for various projects because it is lightweight and pneumatically operated. This pneumatic stapling gun can also work with staples of different sizes. The Surebonder 9600A can help you with almost any type of sewing, from simple interior design to heavy duty.

Pneumatic staple guns They are equipped with a quick-change magazine that only needs a short time to reload. This is a powerful stapling gun, which means that it can start with the most difficult tasks in your home, such as applying insulation or cladding. This staple gun can also be used to repair the door panel or to finish the back walls of cabinets and much more.

This lightweight staple gun is easy to use and the magazine can hold 100 staples. In addition, the gun below operates with the reliablesafety mechanism, which prevents accidental shooting and injury. The well-balanced housing and comfortable rubber grip make it possible to complete longer projects without fatigue.

It has an adjustable exhaust, which allows the exhaust fumes to be directed away from the body and the work surface. The trigger ensures that the machine simply pulls when the plate feeder is mounted on the material to be mounted. The sturdy Surebonder 9600B pliers with holster is equipped with a quick-release coupling, a heavy carrying case and 2 Allen wrenches.

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Hitachi N5021A 15/16 Wide crown stapler, 16 gauge

The Hitachi N5021A stands out among outstanding crown staplers. The wide crownstitch machine is extremely versatile, making it ideal for a variety of sewing jobs, from insulation to roofing. The warehouse limit with 150 staples allows more work to be done before reloading.

Hitachi N5021A Air Stapling GunThe Hitachi N5021A Air Stapling Gun is capable of driving at a speed of 3 staples per second in different materials. It is quite fast compared to other electric staples and very fast compared to handmade staples. With this gun you don’t have to worry about jamming, just like this Hitachi pneumatic stapler doesn’t tend to jamstaples. Just stand there, pull the trigger and go to the next paper clip.

It is equipped with a tool-free depth control, which makes it possible to make adjustments to the type of stapling and the material you are working with. Another important feature is the ergonomic handle; the soft elastomer handle provides comfort and also helps to absorb shocks, so that the stapler can be used for longer without pain in the hands. An adjustable exhaust makes it possible to shoot at any angle, and an undamaged point will not damage the surface of the material.

The special advantages of this Hitachi crown stapler, such as its light and ergonomic design, anti-lock mechanism and spacious warehouse, make it the best choice for a wide range of projects. With a 5 year warranty thisis a universal, high quality and multifunctional stapler gun.

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BOSTITCH 651S5 7/16 inch 2 inch stapler

The BOSTITCH 651S5 7/16 inch 2 stapler is a professional stapler designed for convenience and efficiency. The control mechanism is designed to weigh only 4.2 pounds, making it a lightweight product. These pliers are easy to operate with a firm and strong hand. The design with the hinged nose facilitates cleaning when the paper clip is stuck.

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Compressed air guns They have vinyl chloride covers which can be used for suitable coating installations. The molded handle, the easily adjustable chevron hook and the efficiently steered trigger, which can switch directly from contact to follow-up control, depending on who you tend to get the job done, are also marked.

The light weight of this Bostitch bonding gun is a great advantage, especially when mounted on the upper turbine. The lightweight staple gun does not exert unnecessary stress or strain on the muscles of the user’s arms or hands. The strength and dexterity of this weapon are of a high level, as evidenced by the rapid fire engine, which propels more than 10 staples per second. Now she’s going incredibly fast.

This Bostitch staple gun is especially useful for checking roofs, wooden tiles, plywood heating systems and vinyl cladding. This is extremely useful for all difficult tasks. Moreover, thanks to its sleek and elegant design, it is the best-known brand when it comes to spending money.

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DEWALT DWFP12232 18-position pressure gauge 1-1/2 inch narrow crown staples

The Dewalt Narrow Crown stacker truck has a magnesium housing that is both light and strong, so it offers two advantages in one tool. It is equipped with a durable, low-maintenance engine.

Staple guns With rear exhaust, which prevents the penetration of harmful substances into the working environment. This air pistol, equipped with a standard trigger, offers a simple, useful and effective shooting with staples on any surface.

This Dewalt-pneumatic stapler is equipped with a refill indicator, which indicates that the staples need to be refilled. The seamless nose tip is easy to remove. This special part of the Dewalt Narrow Crown Stacker has a stock of material. This staple gun also has a built-in rubber grip that holds the hands in place and relieves pressure on them during use.

The adjustable belt clip keeps the stapler close to the user. This is another advantage when the user is in the upper position and there is a risk that the staple gun will fall under it. The magazine is easy to remove and refill, and its professional limit is 100 staples for long jobs. Moreover, this shop can accept staples of different sizes. This makes the Dewalt Narrow Crown stacker an attractive purchase for a long time.

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Professional Fine Wire Stapler PFWS Free 20 Pressure Gauge

This Freeman PFWS is affordable, balanced and durable and has a good quality for air guns. It has an ergonomic handle for comfort, which also protects your health, and a pointed nose so you can place it in hard-to-reach places. With the power and simplicity of this Freeman main gun, you can easily transform your home.

The staple guns pull all staples perfectly. When firing staplesthere is little kickback of , which maximises the positioning accuracy of the staples. It is compatible with generic fine wire or Arrow T50 staples. There’s a fuse on the top for your protection. In addition, the undamaged tip protects the surfaces of the materials you work with.

The ergonomic design of the housing and the 360 degree adjustable exhaust pipe ensure comfortable operation. It has a warehouse with a capacity of 100 staples and uses a compressor with a working pressure of 60-100 PSI. This Freeman PFWS Professional is ideal for a variety of applications including filling, insulation, roofing, manufacturing, construction and more.

Its remarkable advantages – availability, superior quality, durability and comfort – make it empirically the best choice for domestic and professional projects. With a small investment you get professional results with this main weapon. Another advantage is that it comes with a limited warranty of 7 years.

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WEN 61710 3/8 inch to 1 inch 18 Narrow crown scraper sensor

The WEN slimline stapler has a compact, die-cast aluminium design that guarantees a long service life. Model 61710, suitable for stapling with a ¼ 3/8 to 1 inch crown. It can easily work on the lower half of the PSI from 60 to 100 and has a standard capacity of 100 staples.

Air Guns Don’t try to expect the best from them, but the incredible aluminium housing is absolutely stunning and will last forever. Wen’s take for fast jamming is still one of the best on all units in this report, and it’s the same.

Loading the magazine with the page loading mechanism takes little time. The nose is narrow and less intrusive for precision, with extra space causing pinching. The cast comfort grip is not progressive, but is extremely comfortable to use for for long periods of time without a hand cramp for.

It contains a nail, a contact actuator, a ¼ inch pneumatic valve and a carrying bag. It’s a high quality tool for the price you pay, and it comes with a one year warranty on parts and labour. The Wen 61710 is an unmistakable purchase in case you only need to take a few basic steps around the house.

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Copper manual for airguns

After going through a comparison table and looking at the best products available on the market today, you should have some good ideas about what you really need. There are also other considerations to be taken into account before a decision is made and a purchase is made. There are several factors that need to be taken into account when purchasing a main weapon and they define certain characteristics that work to your advantage.

Do you really need an air rifle?

Air staple guns or air staple guns are mainly designed for fast and qualified industrial and professional use. The pneumatic scraper gun, which operates under standard compressed air pressure, drives the scrapers as well as the rods and nails at a very high speed.

Speed is important for carrying out major repairs, which must be carried out under time pressure. Most air guns are equipped with a safety system that makes it possible to accidentally shoot at any type of person in order to guarantee the safety of the user or the people around him. The main problem with air rifles is that they can be noisy and moderately more expensive than other types. From now on, if you need a faster and more continuous pace to tie things up, you need to get an air gun.

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When using staple guns, safety comes first. The safety of the staples is an absolute necessity for all users of the staple guns. The user must therefore wear safety goggles and extra gloves to prevent injury from mishandling. Also, users of a staple gun should not attempt to wear loose clothing, as you may accidentally attach loose clothing to the project. It is also not recommended to wear accessories that may interfere with stapling or fixing.

paperclip size

Look at the staple crown before you buy staples. The part that appears from the outside when you try to fix or repair something is the crown. The width of the final crown is called the crown size. Three standard crown sizes are: narrow (1/4 inch), standard (3/8 inch) and wide (5/8 inch).

Other considerations

Compressed air staple guns are generally more expensive than manual or electric staple guns. If your work requires the use of an air gun, you have to spend money on it. In any case, there are many compressed air guns that are sold at an affordable price. There are many brands and models to see what fits in your bag. By checking the properties, reliability and durability of each tool, you get a good deal and avoid buying scrap.

Another point to consider is the product warranty, which mainly depends on the manufacturer. Basically you get everything from 1 year to a limited lifetime warranty on the product you buy. You will notice that cheaper products offer a short warranty or something more limited than more expensive power tools. An expensive model can give you a lifetime repair. When choosing between two different models, make sure you use the one with the best warranty.

Advantages and disadvantages of air stackers

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and even the best air gun is not spared. Although the air pistol has great advantages, it also has some disadvantages.


  • Powerful: It is the most powerful stapler designed for strong stapling on thick and hard materials. It is powered by an air compressor and has the enormous power needed for fast paper clips.
  • Lightweight: It is lighter than other staple guns because it has no complicated firing mechanism and is easy to use.
  • Universal: Pneumatic staple guns accept a greater variety of staples, making them more versatile than other guns.
  • Durable: They are designed to last and to be used intensively.


  • It needs an air compressor to work. It can be expensive if you don’t already have it.
  • It’s more dangerous than the others because it has a higher firing rate.
  • Compressed air guns are louder than other types.

Operation manual for air staple guns

BrowseUser Manual

Read the product manual before first use. Every staple gun has an extraordinary design. Therefore, the user manual to which it is attached contains instructions specific to this manual. The manual is your guide to the initial configurations and the prescribed procedures for using a stapler. If you have a specific problem that is not described in the manual, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer’s customer service or check the feedback and discussions about your specific stapler gun.

Your safety priority

Non-guns cause injury if used incorrectly. Always take safety measures, such as disconnecting your stapler from the compressor when inspecting, servicing or storing it. If the staple gun has a safety lock, make sure it is firmly in place when not in use. Wear protective clothing and goggles while working. Always pay attention to everyone in your work area and remember to avoid malfunctions.

Use recommended paperclips

Each staple gun is designed for staples of a certain size and calibre. Many manufacturers indicate this in their sales documentation. The use of the proposed pliers ensures that the tool does not get jammed or jammed. This will also save you money.

Care and maintenance of airguns

Frequent inspection of staple guns

Just like any other tool, the staple guns are exhausted after long use. The use of a defective stapler increases the risk of accidents and injuries. It is therefore advisable to check your staple gun regularly and carry out the necessary repairs and replacements. The tool must be inspected before use.

Lubricate the moving part of the barrel.

Compressed air staplers should be lubricated regularly to ensure proper operation. Apply a few drops of oil before and after use. If you are working on a large project, it is advisable to add a few drops of oil after 2 or 3 strips of staples.

Keep dry and dust-free

When you are not using your main gun, it is advisable to store it in a safe place. This should be avoided so that children are not harassed. It should also be stored in a dry and dust-free place. Dust and moisture can cause rapid wear on the inside of the tool.

Use recommended power supply

Compressed air guns need compressed air to work. For air staple guns, always ensure that the air compressor has a pressure capacity within the range recommended by the fluid manufacturer. Many available models have a workload ranging from 60 to 120 PSI.


How you are likely to use your new staple gun should also be considered at the time of purchase. If you plan to do heavy work, you should opt for air staple guns. Observing the components of each device, its reliability and life cycle assessment will help you make sensible purchases.

Make sure you consider the capacity of the extraction and storage systems and that an ISP is required for each task. Almost all models are easy to use, but it depends on what you want. We hope that our reviews above and our buying guide will help you find what’s right for you.



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