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Stapling is very important to connect things together, but sometimes it doesn’t work well and you just have to remove the staples you just inserted. Maybe it’s not the right set of documents, or you missed some pages, or you just need these bound documents to scan them separately. Whatever the reason, sometimes the staples have to be removed. Then you need the perfect staple remover that makes your job easier without destroying your documents.

Remove staples

A stapler is a device that deals with the question of how to remove a staple from the material quickly and without causing damage. The most common type of staple for light-duty applications consists mainly of (a) two opposing rotating sets of thin, rigid shims and (b) a spring which returns the machine to its free position after use of the. Although the main metal shim can be used for the same reason and some staplers (especially small staplers, about 3.8 cm long) have such a shim at the end of the hinge, the use of the shim tends to tear the sensitive paper.

How to use the staple removers

There are two main methods for using a wignite machine. It’s true:

  • Fast Track

The customer powerfully cuts through the front of the paper clip, creating folded tabs at the back that can be opened and pulled through the feed-through holes. This strategy takes much less time. Although this technique is fast, it can cause a negative reaction if the paper is broken by pulling folded flaps. Normally there is no breakage when high quality paper is used or when the paper clip connects three or more sheets.

  • Safe method

The following steps reduce the risk of damaging individual sheets of paper, but with some costs for acceleration and the associated response time:

  • Turn the paper to the side (usually the back) where the paper clip teeth are destroyed.
  • Use each pair of opposite teeth to grab one of the teeth, reattach them and lift them off the paper.
  • Turn the paper over at the front where most of the paper clips are pressed.
  • Gently slide the teeth on one side of the pliers under the main housing and press the parts of the pliers together until you have a firm grip on the pliers.
  • Hold the paperclip firmly and carefully pull out all paperclips from the paper.

The design focuses on usability and durability without unnecessary decoration (with the exception of the ergonomics of the handle) and on a limited number of parts to save costs and time. The machine works with pliers that allow the support to be unrolled and removed in a single movement.

Best tool for removing staples

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Sparco 86000 Line

Washing machine This Sparco washer with a traditional design has become a bestseller at Amazon. If you want to remove staples from documents without destroying them, this is exactly what you need. It is strong and durable. This makes the work simple and efficient. It is an excellent addition to your office supplies and is offered at a very attractive price. It effortlessly removes staples from closely related documents and reports. Save yourself from broken nails and stab wounds by trying to remove the staples manually. This simple and old-fashioned stapler makes it easy to work with your documents and protects them from destruction.

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Bostitch lightweight professional magnetic stapler (40000M)

Staple remover This staple remover is the ideal method for removing staples from documents or bulletin boards. This Bostitch staple remover has a built-in magnet to help you keep track of the staples removed. This way you won’t lose the paper clips as soon as they’re removed. Another distinctive feature of this push-pull stapler is its ergonomic design, which allows your hand to rest in a comfortable position. Thanks to the gripping function, the staples remain in the stapler, and even if they slip, the stapler’s magnet protects them from loss and injury. The push mechanism allows you to remove paper clips without tearing your documents.

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Luxury stapled chopsticks (S7038101)

Swingline Deluxe Staple Remover The Swingline Deluxe Staple Remover is a traditional staple remover in the shape of a claw or jaw. Unlike other traditional paperclips it doesn’t constantly slip out of your hand when you have to pull out a hard paperclip. The ribbed upper handle and the slightly flared wings allow the finger to rest in place on the tow bar. Chromed teeth/clips ensure a long life of the brace remover. This staple remover not only removes normal staples, but also mini-numbers that are used occasionally. This staple remover permanently protects your nails and documents.

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Single stapling (40000)

Crimping Pliers If you are tired of the traditional crimping pliers that can tear your paper, try these easy to use crimping pliers. Thanks to the sliding mechanism, the staples can be easily and precisely removed without damaging the documents. The ergonomic staple separator has a staple separator function that prevents the staples from loosening and causing clutter when the staple is lifted off the paper. The rounded tip of the extractor hood also provides a safe and convenient box opening that makes it easy to pierce the packaging tape without the risk of getting stuck in the knife. This Stanley Bostitch staple remover is ideal for any workplace, both at home and in the office, and for schools. It has also never been easy to remove some square brackets from pinboards.

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Removal of Bostitch Premium Staples (G2K)

Just like the Bostitch 40000, this Bostitch Premium G2K is an easy to use paperclip. This also removes the square brackets that do not tear on the documents. It is also equipped with a clamp that keeps the clamps removed for quick and careful removal. This prevents the removed paper clips from spilling all over the perimeter and causing a mess. The all-metal chrome-plated construction ensures durability. This makes them ideal for high volume applications. This easy-to-use staple remover is inexpensive and comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

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Swivel Stripper, leaf-shaped (S7038121)

The Swingline Solvent Scraper has not only produced a traditional claw solvent scraper, but also this thin leaf solvent scraper. This allows the staples to be removed without stress and without destroying the paper. It is equipped with a unique bracket reset mechanism that allows easy removal of the standard sizes and miniature brackets. This Swingline Staple Remover has a built-in magnet that lifts the removed staples so you can easily remove them after removal. Another important feature of this scraper remover is the retractable blade, which can be removed for safe storage. This bottle opener lies comfortably in the hand and is easier to use than a ticker. This handy staple remover comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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Mas Premium Staple Remover

Spacer paper clip Well, this one is different from the other spacer paper clips. The decorated red color makes it interesting. This staple remover gives you the pleasure of safely removing staples. It’s more convenient thanks to the practical lid and push-pulldesign. Light staples are easy to remove, but heavy staples are not, and sometimes they just need to be removed. This ergonomic, plastic-covered machine can easily remove 2 or 3 staples at a time. It is ideal for offices, because it is possible to remove staples quickly and without damaging documents.

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Removal of bicameral staples

Scraper-Scanner This double stone scraper is unique. This is a push type staple remover with a strong handle and a tungsten carbide knife for removing staples. This flap scraper is mainly used to removecladding staples. You can easily remove wooden or fabric staples without damaging the materials. The special thing is that it is designed in such a way that it can pull the clamps out of the gutter as well as out of the flat surface. The rotary mechanism for removing the brackets makes it handy, and the pins on both sides allow it to be used with both the right and left hand without much effort. This sturdy and efficient scraper is easy to use and works quickly with wood, carpet or upholstered furniture.

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Removing staples by simply pushing

Non-removal This one-button staple remover is the ideal tool for any office. As the name suggests, it removes paper clips at the touch of a button. The best staple removal tool is the built-in magnetic device, which stores unnecessary staples for quick and easy removal. Although the built-in magnet is a bit small, it works just as well. Because it is light, it is ideal for light staples. Once you get used to the way it works, you never want to go back to normal paperclips.

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SY.XL Desktop staple remover for special applications

Stapler The ergonomic design and comfortable handle make this stapler an ideal addition to any office. The steel housing of this staple remover does not rust and ensures durability. The comfortable handle fits even on small handles. The easy-to-use mechanism makes it easy to remove the staples. This staple remover is perfect for those who need to remove staples more often and for those who have problems with their hands, such as arthritis and others. This excellent staple remover is able to remove almost all types of staples and prevents the tearing of staples on paper.

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Types of non-removers

There are basically two types of paperclips because of their construction. One has teeth like vampire teeth, while the other has a leaf shape that can be used to remove staples.

Paperclips with mudguards, such as dog paperclips, are the most commonly used type of paperclips to remove mudguards. First move these canines like teeth to remove the staples under the curved part of the staple and straighten it. Then push the teeth under the main bar of the clamps to pull them out. The whole process of removing the staples takes just a few seconds.

Removing staples using teeth has the advantage that it can be used to remove almost all types of staples currently in use. It can easily remove the large brass brackets used to transport parcels. This type of staple removal is very useful when you need to remove a large number of staples.

Another type of staple remover looks like a knife, but does not have a long, sharp blade like theknife. It’s got a little knife that removes stupid staples. Thanks to this staple remover, you no longer need to smooth the staples before removing them. Simply slide the blade under the main handle and remove it.

This Slider-Stepper has its advantages. First of all it’s storage, you can easily store them in a pencil box with pencils and pencils. They are unlikely to cause any damage because they do not have a sharp end, unlike braces that are removed with the teeth. Moreover, they are cheaper than others and require little effort to use. However, they are only suitable for small documents where simple paper clips need to be removed.

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Non-tractor components

The stapler consists mainly of knives, torsion springs, plastic pliers and pin shafts.

Knives: Two rotating blades lock together. They are made of chromium steel, which is harder than a thin, flexible staple wire and strong enough to withstand the force required to remove it.

Torsion springs : The torsion spring of a stapler is a standardized segment that manifests itself in many different objects, such as clothing needles. The spring is made of chromium steel, which is used because it has a state of less anxiety that will continue with its use will not lead to disappointment due to exhaustion.

Plastic handles : Plastic pens really don’t make sense and the device could have been used without pens. They offer better ergonomics, so the customer does not have to press his fingers against the sheet metal.

Spilas: The spindle shaft produces a cylindrical shaft from which the blades can rotate. It is made of stainless steel that does not rust in places worn by contact with various metals.

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The best staple remover makes it possible to remove staples from documents/materials easily and without damage. All available shooters and those on our list have their own characteristics and comfort, but there are still a few things to consider before you buy one.


The best staple remover depends on why you need one. There are two types of staples: one with teeth and one with a knife. If you have small documents and simple paperclips to remove, you may need a sliding paperclip to remove them. However, if you need to remove a large number of braces, you will need the braces that have teeth.


Like everything else, the staplers are available in different models and designs. Most manufacturers design their products ergonomically, so you won’t be bothered by them when you use them. Most staplers are ergonomically designed so that your hands don’t hurt too much, even if you have to use them continuously for a long time. Another feature you should pay attention to is the built-in magnet. Foldable paperclips with built-in magnet help you clean by holding the removed paperclips together.


The staplers are available at reasonable prices. Most basic extractors are available for less than $5, but some also cost $20. Because of their low prices, many e-commerce sites have made them extra features. However, you should be cautious when determining the price of these products, as some are designed for multiple products, while others are designed for a single staple remover. You will find the ideal staple remover that fits your budget.


Like staplers, staplers make our lives easier. Paperclips help us remove unwanted paperclips that have crept into our documents or other materials. The use of a stapler protects your documents from damage and prevents injuries.

It is always advisable to make a sensible purchase, no matter how much you pay. Non-remover is not expensive, but you need to buy a product that meets your needs.

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